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NovoPorta Plano Steel Doors (Flush Closing)
Sectional Doors and Frames
NovoPorta Plano Steel Doors (Flush Closing)
  • Flush closing steel door for sophisticated interior design
  • Particularly high quality standard features (slide channel door closer on T30, elegant 3-D hinge, stainless steel forend, closing edge plate and plastic round rosette plate)
  • Versatile and highly configurable construction project door
  • Available in fire resistance class T30 (EI2 30) and as a smokeproof, multipurpose, soundproof and security door
  • Available in numerous design variants, decors and colours
  • Additional innovative box-lid bond ensures good stability
  • Flush centre rebate with integrated centre transom on all double door units
  • Installation benefits on numerous frame variants, e.g. approved backfilling with loose mineral wool or Novoferm fire protection foam
  • Rebate bolted installation of corner frames approved for T30 fire resistance class
  • The new two-part universal frame 2240 B is the ideal solution for any type of wall
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